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The ancient traditions of shamanic plant medicine are the most important to cultivate at this sensitive cultural time in history, because of their mandate to heal deeply and continually for intensive reasons of empowering, dynamic awakening. The investigation into plant medicine shamanism is a cultural heritage and biological plant life experience that is able to produce immense life-changing results.

The ultimate Ayahuasca Shamanism is the Perfumero Shamanism, including the shamanic perfumes of Murray & Lanman. These perfumes work spiritually with the master plant teachers of shamanism, who create dynamic song structures and healing arts expressions in combination with application of perfume and Tobacco.

 ~ Ba Adonai  (Perfumera)

T O B A C C O   S A N C T U A R Y

by Ba Adonai

  • Ba Adonai


"Tobacco Sanctuary" by Ba Adonai

This is a general information teaching about Tobacco Shamanism. I personally resonate strongly with the term Tobaquera to represent a true teacher and shamanic healer of Tobacco as medicine.

To know Tobacco is a sacred empowerment which can last forever in the right context. Death is often associated with Tobacco under conditions that are considered non-instrumental to its true traditional usage, as medicine. To understand Tobacco as a symbol of death and decay is usually a misnomer, although the general attitude of fear and dismay towards addiction in general is not needed unless the addiction is not at all towards nicotine or the actual medicine of Tobacco leaf. Tobacco shamanism is normally considered extremely rare and traditionally ancient. The use of Tobacco is considered extremely sacred to ancient traditions, especially South America, although the world has fully embraced the plant.

The Tobacco teachings of significance include various traditions, especially North American Indian or Native American traditional prayer and esteem for life, considered protection and dreaming, prayer and healing influenced. The other side of classic traditional usage is Ayahuasca influenced as a medicine of deep integrative healing which deals with DNA awakening and sacred healing practices of many intricate traditional contexts. In Ayahuasca shamanism the Tobacco teachings are extremely formal, yet relaxed. The usage of these traditions is sometimes misunderstood by beginners and this is why there is a norm culture of misunderstanding developing currently in North America in the context of corporate sales of cigarettes that are very extreme. The misunderstandings about cigarette use are very deep and it is encouraged not to think deeply about packaging, branding or usage practices that are considered encouraged or fatigued by product labelling. The product conditions of cigarettes are widely for sale and not for sacred practices, of course, and so the true traditional heritage of Tobacco is found in the ancient truth of medicine.

Medicine itself is a sacred rite of passage, healing commitment that is deep and can last forever, even once a person is fully healed of any problematic issue like mental issues, fatigue or specific illnesses. The healing of Tobacco combined with other spiritual and physical plant teachers such as Ayahuasca or other angelic or spiritual allies such as mentioned on the Tobacco Sanctuary website in the "Teachings" blog section is very powerful. The amount of healing is exponentially improved constantly to reveal a non-stop effect of great esteem for life and very improved health. The work of Tobacco in natural healing is highly anticipated by many practitioners who work carefully with the ancient traditions of Tobacco and many are also opening to deeper work in the current modern need of an unhealthy common society. 

To heal oneself with Tobacco only it is possible to do amazing work. The work of Tobacco enthusiasts is often misrepresented, since the general conditions of agony or despair that many people suffer from are often cured by even smoking commercially branded cigars at occasion, or joking around with smokes in a way that is creative and fun. The creativity of how to ask for cigarettes has become popular as gifting is a spiritual tradition of Tobacco throughout the world, although it is not common to want to ask for too much if one is in need. So, the stories of how to ask for smokes are humorous and allowing. The joke of how many cigarettes one could buy, technically, for the amount of money given if change is offered, or how many would be given later as a further gifting in exchange, next time it is the turn of the asker to give, are often said to be silly in the moment when something loving is offered as a gifting request. The loving energy of gifting is very normal in society, even where the most pain and suffering is witnessed daily on the streets. Street people with little money often given smokes very openly and kindly when there is ability with deep understanding of the need on the other end, but they are not asked as often. They are asked less because they appear to be in need of the smokes they have. 

Imitations of these kinds of magical experiences people have with cigarettes and even shamanic organic tobacco from Peru, the Mapacho ancient traditional organic and naturally cured Tobacco of ancient healing ceremony culture, is a deep experience for most. For example, to pretend one is in need of a cigarette or Mapacho when this is not even needed very much is usually felt as a strange distress. There is no truth in asking for smokes out of greed or impulse of lying. No one really tries to ask unless they feel a personal sense of need that is real and deep.

To understand Tobacco as a gifting area for smoking with others commonly is usually respected, although privacy and personal esteem for the smoke is always respected equally when someone walks away to enjoy their smoking experience alone. The ancient peoples of North America, the Native American Indian cultures of the land, used to always take personal time to pray and set intention of deep introspection when working with Tobacco, so this kind of practice was meditation. The meditation of the ancestors was usually empowered and loving although personal intentions of any kind were welcomed fully within the practice of individual smoking of a pipe or any kind of rolling or normal smoke when there was a recognition of the power of this work. The power of this work was honoured always as the deepest lore of ancient practice with Tobacco, although, as usual, it was always relaxed. The relaxation of smoking is inherent to the experience, so no one ever judges the prayers of others but rather, simply meditates themselves. This non-judgemental atmosphere was created by Tobacco as a starting point to community entrainment which lends itself well to other forms of Native American celebration and dance. The dance processes of Native American culture are currently rare but do include long rituals of extenuating dancing extremes with deep devotional honouring of the land and ancestors of medicine, the plants, as their reverent teachers and Long House guides in the sacred "Home" which is their birthright, their Long House. This is their Home which is their Sanctuary with Tobacco.

Tobacco is a sacred Sanctuary keeper which meditates with the individual smoking at full force, completely at peace and in dawning awareness that will constantly shape the life of the individual through Tobacco's very empowering guidance. The guidance of Tobacco is usually felt and experienced with no need for special thought processes or advanced meditation techniques.

The meditation practices of Tobacco shamanism are effortless and free of dogma. There is no teaching example space to explain meditation within Tobacco reverence work. The reverence for Tobacco is simply easy to process and effortless to work with as a sacred space of continual awareness which constantly improves healing dynamic and freedom of mind. The mental awareness of Tobacco meditation is usually very expanded. The ability to be conscious of new things and deepen reverence for the experience now is the most precious thing about Tobacco meditation and prayer events, although the deeper place of esteem for one's own ability to be constantly aware and always finding intricate wisdom in every experience usually brings great health and divine wisdom to many. The general peace that also comes from Tobacco intentions for people to work with as well is mostly the prominent atmosphere and guidance modality that allows greater wisdom to accrue over time. The growth of evolutionary, visionary health and personal healing ability is the norm of Tobacco culture which is usually considered Native, although it is also, in many ways, consumerist and global. The global teachings of Tobacco enthusiasm are profoundly easy to digest and consciously process as sacred. No one has usually ever doubted the sacredness of Tobacco healing prayer. To pray in healing metaphor, ceremony, guided acts or any other kind of traditional contexts of majority at the time are always grounded and practice, yet fluidly dynamic spiritual supports. 

The spiritual guidance of divine masters is sacred and always secure as something that comes in waves of beautiful love and deep healing. The healing of masters like Tobacco as a spirit of total beloved healing is deeply intrinsic to the survival of humanity and its global spirit of prayer. The prayer of innate self-awareness and consciousness presence is truly the prayer of Tobacco which normally arises from natural sensibilities towards the act of self-empowerment that come from its perfect and effortless style. The style of Tobacco pipe ritual is a very nice example of how this looks to some cultural and esteemed symbols of this practice, such as ancient Native American shamanism. Pipe blowing and sound healing go well together in Peruvian Tobacco Shamanism, which is of two traditions, Mestizo and Shipibo. The Shipibo healing rituals of Tobacco infusion with other practices is a rare celebration of divine authenticity that normally is not seen or understood by most Westerners, but is extremely precious. To diagnose and treat patients very rapidly and with incredible skill is the norm of Tobacco blowing and visionary rapture that comes with Ayahuasca related healing experiences for the practitioner and patient sharing a healing mirror to each other that will allow both to heal at once. The healing together with a practitioner of Tobacco blowing and a patient receiving the diagnosis at the time is commonly a very deep art form that must be carefully considered as wordless until later work has been done to integrate the experience. The 5 minute diagnosis effect of blowing Tobacco on a person's body to reveal visions of special significance and deep integration for both parties' healing work is exceptionally high quality when performed correctly.

The correct diagnosis of a patient is done examinatively and carefully through a prolonged visionary healing experience with Ayahuasca on both parts of the ceremony from one to the other, with the examiner finally giving his diagnosis at the end of the ceremony with complete instructions on how exactly to cure the problem. The problem is not allowed to be suggested by the patient at all and will be authored as a full diagnosis for possibly multiple issues that are core to each other's extended circumstances. The usual format is simply to methodize a very sacred device of healing with the person in following sessions which will not be monitored directly, of course, but which will be prescribed with integrity and facilitation arts are granted by the teachers of medicine, the spirit of Ayahuasca and her many master plant teachers, as to how to make sure this will be honoured by the patient enough to get results. Usually the results are considered strongly in how the formulated process is devised to the point of awe-inspiring authentic need on the part of the patient for deep intention and sacred arts of profound reasoning about how to respect the guidelines and not make mistakes if this would be so well prescribed. The Tobacco method of diagnosis is incredibly useable and well prescribed in ancient cultures, although the current social conditions of Peru make it much less common. The usage of this prescription technique with Tobacco is very sacred.

To work with Tobacco this way is a most beautiful art form of awakening which is compelling and magnificent as a sacred path of integration and healing arts ritual guidance which can alter the mental health and social esteem of people significantly. To become a mental health expert is not even remotely required to sense the difference between, for example, a deeply harmed mental patient and someone who smokes. Someone who actually gets into smoking often is definitely not the same as a confined patient who is in the depths of injury. They have an obvious sense of the next smoke, a gentle atmosphere of peaceful respect when honouring their smoking and a light hearted smile to lend to most people in relationship. Their tone may be ragged and street wise but their smoking will be coiled with signs of consciousness, such as creative pursuits or dimensional paradigms of planning a better path in life somehow. Their choice to smoke is usually a brave decision with money at play, leading to some kind of achievement normally being associated with finding or attaining somehow the next smoke. The sense of achievement on a frequent basis leads to jokes and humour with a tenderness of willing anticipation towards other people's contribution to the humour or sharing interactions around smoking or moving towards the next smoke. The smoking process usually heals mentally in ways that are unseen by most because this would be unusual to process such deep pain and adversity in others, although the true transformation is often extreme. Some people are not aware of the miracles and depth of Tobacco healing arts which are secretly infused into natural circumstances that somehow illogically seem to explain how this has happened. 

For example, some people smoking may find beauty in small things, leading to contemplation of small miracles, such as why people give smokes on a rainy day when there are no butts on the sidewalk to collect. The rolling of butts is a life saver for some people which can be a chosen art form which sometimes leads to suggestion of less money needed for regular smoking and this can compel people into much greater enthusiasm about easy lifestyle and chosen frequency of better experiences without logic to conform to how this would happen, leading to success. The success of mental health patients who have been out on the street for a long time is often upgraded sincerely on many lengths of account by choosing an addiction to street smokes which are sometimes given out of request to pan handlers. People suffering from extreme trauma usually find a moment of robust feeling to share jokes and classic, memorable, silly moments that will last a lifetime even during extreme distress and great discomfort, because of the sharing of loving interest in a smoke together with someone else who is also in the same situation. To notice difficult circumstances with others also noticing similar issues, such as poverty, when smoking together at the time, is continually healing because the meditation of smoking this way always brings wisdom of deep healing and knowing or expectation of a greater way of somehow arising higher in life through choice, empowerment or simply attitude of non-defence towards life's challenges in a gentle atmosphere of finding friendship or profound security in one another. The security of community and friendship is extremely important but is rarely formalized in engagement which is totally non-threatening, such as a choice to smoke at the same time often. 

To honour the community with smoking gentleness or a rare opportunity to accept common choices together is sometimes the blessing of special consideration that allows magical experiences to happen. To notice someone's qualities or esteem for life is sometimes a sacred act that can change lives. To experience a rare circumstance of gentle appreciation for someone's kindness or infatuation with life is to appreciate the universal qualities of love. Love is the way that people find deep need is met in each other. In one another, we all grow and evolve. 

The evolution of loving kindness and consciousness as a practice of respectful truth and wisdom is the prayer of humanity. 

The pathways of absolute truth such as love and the sacred awareness that brings peace is truly the one thing that leads to great healing. In healing all beings are liberated from their suffering and flirtation with some kind of escape or negative quality to acceptance. Acceptance is a place of real authentic love when understood gently and wisely as the only truth there is, being. To be is to realize God is all-pervasive as I Am. The I Am Presence is truly the infinite goodness and sacred intelligence of perfection itself, not a false and imagined hope but a truth. The perfection of love is a presence that heals fully and totally. In suffering and pain perfection is not seen but is all-pervasive despite this reaction of stress to the imagined belief that negative truth exists, based on misunderstanding fostered by an ancient decision of paradox and illusion for the sake of eventual healing. To heal is to choose life as the truth of what life is, to accept the self as all that I Am, love alone, not an illusion of pain. To heal beyond pain and suffering all the way is to eventually attain enlightenment and completely experience God as one's own real being, without attempting anything in order to achieve it. The attempting to create something or find a solution is normally a suggestion of not surrendering or accepting within the reality that is already present as the absolute nature. The nature of reality simply is perfect yet the view of imperfection comes from an underlying cycle of paradoxical creation from a suggestion of expansive, respectful possibility that there is more to what is than has already been, accounting for a history of expansive awareness that has always been, yet finding it through a concept of mis-creation for a sense of somehow renewing itself. 

The infinite reality is perfection and the love of God is infinite and perfect within all. To allow this is to heal and realize truth.

With Tobacco, the healing guidelines of traditional intention and prayer are basic, yet one of many opportunities that exist to follow a path of healing that will be given and honoured fully as a gift in itself to all beings through the opportunity to acknowledge the act of giving as, in itself, the key to universal awakening and realization. For example, a gift of generosity is given with love only. There is no question if the gift will be returned or repaid. The gift is pure truth in active presence with all beings through the gentle pathways of acknowledgement that are intended as genuine. The genuine functioning of a giving of loving esteem to anyone or any aspect of creation or the world is truly the greatest act of healing that can occur without any type of special ability. The ability to act on the need to give or feel worthy of giving in the first place is sometimes a very spontaneous leap in evolution or growth of personal awakening for the sake of goodness. The good nature of giving freely truly heals. 

To give Tobacco to the Earth is the normal giving pathway of this traditional art form which is extremely powerful. To give without any expectation of anything in return, necessarily, is to receive. To receive this way is to acknowledge the love shared between individuals is sacred unto itself, and the giving act has been a tremendous benefit to the Earth, so this lifts the vibration of the planet, allowing all to heal within this great sphere of divine consciousness and intelligence which is the sacred body of our Mother. The Mother Earth is divine empowerment and great love embodied with a very deep ability to grow with humanity in consciousness whenever the choice is there together to share in humanity with Earth perspective. The Earth perspective is evolutionary and visionary. The impulse to give to the Earth is common, but the traditions of Mestizo shamanism are the deepest place of awakening and transcendent healing with gifting as a sacred act of empowerment. To give huge amounts of Tobacco to the Earth in sacred presence of divine spirituality and with no need for expecting anything in return aside from the normal rites of passage that are common to ancient cultures, such as hoping and praying often for good will and health on all levels has been a stewarded and realized area of culture that eventually led to extreme abilities to notice the healing effect of awakening. The healing of awakening itself, the awakening of realization, the realization of existence as love, truly is the all-pervasive gift, given and received as one.

The gift of good will that is giving Tobacco honestly and reverently with prayer of singular intention for good will to be received with the giving is the ultimate healing act. To do this healing simply honour the awakening that comes with loving gifting is without need of any guidance or help aside from basics of where and how to put it on the Earth, perhaps, with many abilities to heal the problem of accidentally giving to the wrong part of the Earth or in the wrong way, with visionary support. The support of Earth giving to a place where decomposition is likely and effortless for the general pathways of normal leaf fall or burial is the usual style of gifting, because the decomposition process of Mapacho, organic Tobacco, is the main license that causes the spiritual properties of the plant to interact with the health of that particular soil base and longevity cycle which will effect millions of years of growth and soil health in future. The spiritual functioning of given Tobacco is intensely deep and much more than decomposition science. 

The science and spirituality of Tobacco giving is essentially created as a deep messenger and teacher, keeper and sanctuary healing presence for Earth. The Tobacco teachers of ancient practices of Mestizo culture have learned that teachers of the Earth are very powerful. The empowerment of Earth gifting becomes a rite of passage that ensues protection and sacred environmental upgrade to allow deeper faculties of the healing practice. The healing practice itself is easy to fall in love with and practitioners are easily devoted once they learn of the love and bliss that comes from this art form of giving Tobacco to the Earth ritually and with intention of good will. The giving of Tobacco is mainly for healing of the Earth. To receive from giving, acknowledge this is normal. Do not ask for anything in exchange but allow the gifting of receiving itself to be felt and experienced. The subtle changes to consciousness and ability to be respectful and widely acknowledged / honoured fully as a human awakening teacher of love is a deep gift that will always happen automatically. To give with intentions of helping others to heal directly (towards their rite of passage that may help them evolve or somehow recover from pain) is also accepted as sometimes done with Tobacco to the Earth giving. 

To give Tobacco to a shaman or to someone who practices with intention of good will and shamanic tradition is always considered mandatory to any spiritual practitioner of Tobacco, in natural and authentic ways, when this is something that is wanted and hoped for. When someone asks casually or seriously for a gift of Tobacco, for need, this is always given, normally in abundance when possible. When not possible, this is concerning and a fact of life sometimes. The usual practice of giving is supposed to be linked with a healing practice or a ritual environment of peace and intention for good health and esteem for each other and when this is done, although in general, casual smoking is also a gifting practice that is usually respected with personal choice. The general information out there about Tobacco gifting is tiny. There is rare information on the internet or in any books to explain this type of practice and why it is so commonly respected at such a great level of accomplishment for even street people trying their best to give whenever possible when they have some to roll or use. The rolling of tobacco is more freely concerned with giving since it is not a counting of how many but a general need to stay in touch with the hopes and wants of those in quarters to the giver. To honour Tobacco, simply pray with it however it feels right in any occasion or timing and accept the simple fact that Tobacco is not religious or dogmatic, yet concerned with spiritual impulse of prayer as a sharing of intention with each other, Tobacco to human, and in general as a spiritual pathway of awakening for realization of unity consciousness and perfection of the all-pervasive self-awareness that is the great consciousness healer of humanity.

In unity consciousness, all beings find peace and healing at ease and in gracious naturalness.

Be at home in your practice, if you have one, and allow smoking to be your creative impulse and health practice. For Mapacho online, search ArtAsMedicine on Etsy or email for support.


Ba Adonai

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Tobacco Shamanism is the ideal introduction to Psychedelic Shamanism. Tobacco (Peruvian Mapacho) is the mediator and teacher of all psychedelic plant medicine, and more. Through Tobacco, in prayer and in offering, the gate is opened to a deeper plane of correct shamanic initiation.

 ~ Ba Adonai  (Perfumera)

T H E   F A M I L Y   O F   L I G H T

Plant medicine shamanism is best explored through the psychedelic and related family of plant medicine teachers, who spiritually guide and teach humanity. The family of shamanic plant teachers are master healer supporters of humanity. Ayahuasca (Ayahuasca vine, Chacruna leaves, and Datura flower), San Pedro, Iboga (Ibogaine), Psychedelic Mushrooms, Marijuana, Salvia, Cacao and, of course, Tobacco are the public and most prominent teachers of this completely integrated family of spiritual plant medicine. In Ayahuasca tradition, there is also a large host of rare master plants who collaborate deeply with Ayahuasca healing ceremony format. Their names are private to formal initiates alone. These plants also work spiritually and formally with Seraphim, Cherubim, Elohim and more, in the light network of co-creative healing support for human evolution.  Only in sacred traditional ceremony context can these plants work correctly.