U N I V E R S A L   M A S T E R Y

H E A L I N G   A R T

Created by Ba Adonai


B A    A D O N A I

Artist Statement ~ Song by Ba Adonai, Mastered by Ahanata

A R T   M A S T E R Y

Mystery School Teachings

My lifetime journey of art was compelling about marriage, the mysteries of Christ Mastery teachings of union, and my own intimate healing potential. My own art proved to me the valid nature of my spiritual marriage ceremony I conducted alone, in later times of personal self-doubt.

~ Ba Adonai

U N I V E R S A L   M A S T E R Y

The greatest creative mastery and divine intelligence is practical, authentic and brilliantly sacred. This is the universal quality of all life, including single-celled organisms and human beings at all stages of developmental evolution. Even without 'knowledge of self', every life form exhibits and expresses the free and empowered mastery that is the highest and most pristine of all existence, as the same presence within everything. Realization and enlightenment support the mind and body to recognize this. The only action or expression is the infinitely skilled and benevolent mastery of the only presence. When this goes unseen, it continues to strive towards eventual self-witnessing. 

All creation is the art of the only master, the universal self. 


Beauty represents a full bodied, prospering, strong success. Superficial beauty does not measure up to the appearance of a wisely profound beauty which radiates proof of its own wellbeing. Abundance, social wealth of interconnection, safety and resilience are themes of beauty. Beauty can be used as a guide of indication that success is attained, as a holistic indicator of complex and extensive architectures of value. Beauty is a sign of stable foundations that lead to accelerated momentum in able new stages of long term growth. The love of beauty leads to evolutionary new choices, in cycles of awareness. Beauty communicates volumes of information simply, as a language of stimulating appropriate interaction.